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The 48th International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva

DATE: 28 Apr 2023
VENUE: Palexpo, Switzerland

Our research team participated in the 48th International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva. Led by Dr. Jane Zhou and Dr. Raven Kok, we garnered 1 gold medal and 2 silver medals in the event. 

Respiratory Organoid (Gold Medal)

Cell lines and animal models have been the major tools for biomedical research, but lack physiological relevance to human biology and pathology. Our first-ever respiratory organoid culture system enables efficient reconstruction and reproducible expansion of the entire human respiratory epithelium in culture plates. In this system, all the differentiated respiratory organoids, such as nasal, airway and alveolar organoids, represent universal tools with high biological relevance for different biomedical and pharmaceutical applications, ranging from disease modelling, therapeutics development and toxicological evaluation to personalized medicine. Through mimicking the multicellular composition of native respiratory epithelium and phenocopying the functionality, our respiratory organoids serve as excellent R&D models of human respiratory tract with superior performance to the current in vitro models.

Furthermore, our research team has three international patents for the methods of making and uses of nasal, airway, and alveolar organoids. BiomOrgan has licensed the nasal organoid patent for business development. We provide organoid culture products such as culture kits and ready-to-use organoids. We also provide customizable organoid-based services such as drug testing and personalized organoids. We provide products and services for both academia and pharmaceutical or biotechnological companies and we are devoted to contributing to the biomedical research and development with our excellent organoids.

Interferon-integrated coronavirus vaccine: a next-generation universal live vaccine protects pan beta-coronavirus infection (Silver Medal)

After the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a pressing need to develop next-generation coronavirus vaccines to combat both existing and future beta-coronavirus infections. By combining innovative designs and cutting-edge genetic engineering technologies, we created the ideal nasal vaccine to fight against the infectious diseases. The IBIS vaccine features: 1) universal protection against a broad range of beta-coronaviruses, 2) enhanced mucosal T cell immunity, and 3) robust innate anti-viral mechanisms for safety. Preclinical studies in two animal models have demonstrated unparalleled efficacies of IBIS as a nasal vaccine. We have also overcame technical difficulties and streamlined a vaccine production pipeline that can greatly benefit mass-production.

NanoComplex Vaccine (Silver Medal)

NanoComplex is a next-generation vaccine technology designed for nasal use and carries the potential to target all kinds of viruses. Viruses have proteins as antigens and nucleic acids as genomes, both are critical components to alert our immune system and generate a strong protection. The NanoComplex technology takes full advantage of these components, combines viral proteins and nucleic acids with innovative methods, and creates a nano-sized complex that can be used as a nasal vaccine. Since all viruses have the same components, the NanoComplex can switch its internals for different viruses, and therefore can potentially defend against all known viruses.


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