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Inhaled Dry Powder Formulation of Tamibarotene, a Broad-Spectrum Antiviral against Respiratory Viruses Including SARS-CoV-2 and Influenza Virus

10 Jun 2021

Liao Q, Yuan S*, Cao J, Tang K, Qiu Y, Seow HC, Man RC-H, Shao Z, Huang Y, Liang R, Chan JF-W, Yuen K-Y,
Lam JK-W*

Soluble ACE2-mediated cell entry of SARS-CoV-2 via interaction with proteins related to the renin-angiotensin system

15 Apr 2021

Yeung ML*, Teng JLL, Jia L, Zhang C, Huang C, Cai JP, Zhou R, Chan KH, Zhao H, Zhu L, Siu KL, Fung SY, Yung S, Chan TM, To KK, Chan JF, Cai Z, Lau SKP, Chen Z, Jin DY, Woo PCY*, Yuen KY*

Clofazimine broadly inhibits coronaviruses including SARS-CoV-2

16 Mar 2021

Yuan S, Yin X, Meng X, Chan JF-W, Ye Z-W, Riva L, Pache L, Chan CC-Y, Lai P-M, Chan CC-S, Poon VK-M, Lee AC-Y, Matsunaga N, Pu Y, Yuen C-K, Cao J, Liang R, Tang K, Sheng L, Du Y, Xu W, Lau C-Y, Sit K-Y, Au W-K, Wang R, Zhang Y-Y, Tang Y-D, Clausen TM, Pihl J, Oh J, Sze K-H, Zhang AJ, Chu H, Kok K-H, Wang D, Cai X-H, Esko JD, Hung IF-N, Li RA, Chen H, Sun H, Jin D-Y, Sun R*, Chanda SK*, Yuen K-Y*

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